My nephew, he knows a thing or two…

My nephew, he knows a thing or two…

About all the words that rhyme with shoe


There’s being at the front of the queue and ‘how-do-you-do?’

And please give me a ride on your brand new Skidoo!


There’s Hugh and his crew from Kathmandu

And dad’s cousin who’s suffering from deja vu


There’s the well-to-do, who only eat stew

And the kangaroo who eats vegetable ragu


The Zulu warrior on sundown curfew

And a Guru with a black belt in kung-fu


There’s ‘ooh’ and ‘boo’, we’ll add both of those too

And Lou from Corfu with a large IOU


So Auntie, he says, it is time you outgrew

Your need to rhyme everything, with the word ‘poo’

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