I’ve galloped on horses through forest and stream

I’ve laughed so much, I’ve ripped open a seam

I’ve witnessed wonders that left me spellbound

I’ve travelled this earth, flown the whole way around


I’ve cradled kuala’s, been licked by a chimp

I’ve swum in the ocean and caught my own shrimp

I’ve cuddled till I got cramp and still haven’t moved

I’ve danced in the moonlight; I’ve seriously grooved


I’ve eaten oranges and mangoes straight from the tree

I’ve learnt how to love and respect all that is me

I’ve baked, barbequed and cooked for my friends

I’ve had evenings that I wished would just never end


I’ve tried not to judge and allow everyone to belong

I’ve been out of my comfort zone and still remained strong

I’ve felt how wonderful it is to know love

I’ve known a love that fit me like a glove

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