My boss can drive me round the bend

My boss can drive me round the bend

Does his incessant moaning never end?

His outlook on life is often dour

And his views of others increasingly sour


It’s not my fault, I often scream

Why does he have to be so mean?

I always do the best I can

Others would have packed and ran


The problem here is definitely not me

I’m sure those who know him would agree

His ego rules more often than not

Which means his heart is often forgot


He doesn’t remember conversations we’ve had

Is his sole intention to make me feel bad?

Good job I know my own self worth

So generally I take his comments with mirth


My advice to others is to be, rather than do

Have a sense of self; know your own value

Always rise above the sneers and blame

Living life in the present, is the name of the game

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