Goodbye ego

As I started to remove my mind’s eye from its hold

I would take a deep breath, to keep myself bold

Stay present. I told myself. Observe all your thoughts

Find your cowardly ego; it won’t want to be caught


It’s played tricks on my heart and tricks on my soul

And at times it felt like it had taken control

Yet my spirit held fast, never giving an inch

And slowly my ego, it did feel the pinch


I knew it was time for me to help it along

Told it, ‘you are not welcome; no longer belong’

It tried to dig deep, create chaos in my head

It tried to hold me back, and fill me with dread


It tried to tell lies to my being and mind set

It tried to keep my feelings of love in its debt

But I was wise to its antics, its slight turn of phrase

So I stopped paying it attention; removed myself from its gaze


It tried to get my attention, every which way

Tried to pin me to my past, just to have its own say

It’s days were numbered you see, I recognised a foe

And without my consent, it was not free to grow

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