My rhyming week

Had a day off on Monday

Spent the morning in bed

Huddled under the covers

Flying dreams filled my head


Tuesday brought action

From the sweet break of dawn

I was up and was at ’em

Before the Westies could yawn


On Wednesday I re-acquainted

With a face from my past

Catching up on a decade

The gossip left me aghast


Thursday I treasured

In my role as an Aunt

Hours playing and chatting

My nephew sure can enchant


Had an early start on Friday

Making me yawn by midday

Requiring several expresso’s

To keep the tiredness at bay


Saturday was lovely

Just pottering at home

Spent the day in pyjamas

Didn’t wash, didn’t comb


Very social on Sunday

Several hours in the pub

Drinking far too much wine

Accompanied by great grub

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