Revealing what was foretold

Her petulant tone

Far too loud to ignore

Matched the cacophony of sound

As her toys hit the floor


Smashing on impact

Into venomous shards

Which she ground into dust

With complete disregard


Always centre of stage

By diverting attention

With a shift in the gaze

Came a new reinvention


Her stiletto spiked feet

Were a stake through the hearts

Of the men she would lure

From their betrothed, counterparts


Never pausing for breath

The next victim in sight

A shiny acquisition

Her actions could blight


And as day became night

And as night became day

She’d manipulate her friends

To ensure her own way


Then one day, Karma crossed

Her designer styled threshold

And held up a mirror

Revealing what was foretold


She screamed at the image

Of the devil’s reflection

Seeing all the deep lines

In her botoxed complexion


And so her heart shattered

Into one million pieces

Her soul taking its cue

As her last breath releases

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