You’ve chosen your path

I’ve been looking behind now

For far, far too long

At the choices I’ve made

Discern where I went wrong


Was it me, was it you?

Was it beyond our control?

Unencumbered, we embark

Toward a shiny new goal


My mind’s gone in circles

On a continuous loop

Senselessly replaying

When I need to regroup


The embrace of the sadness

Now loosens its grip

And I unhook all the tubes

Of the love-laden drip


Evicted from my dreams

No assumptions are made

You’ve chosen your path

Your resolve was unswayed


I had wanted the chance

To reconcile how you left

To say goodbye properly

To show that I was bereft

4 thoughts on “You’ve chosen your path

  1. Dearest. SARAH. in your poem. You’ve chosen your path is the verse I’ve been waiting for. The embrace of the sadness now looses its grip And I unhook all the tubes of the love laden drip. It appears the shackles that have have held have been. Broken and you can now continue un hampered. I hope so your immense talent will now blossom into the glorious peach tree that flowered each. Spring in my parents garden and then my heart with pleasure filled and danced with joy from sheer delight. Go forward now in joy and reveal your beautiful Spirit With mountains of love and admiration from a proud to be your uncle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    • My dearest Uncle Pat,
      Your words as ever make my heart smile. Every footstep that has led me to this point, every hand I have clasped, all the laughter and tears I have shared, are all imprinted on my soul and with no regrets, I fearlessly step into a wide open space of possibilities, with belief in myself and immense gratitude for all the wonderful people in my life.
      I love you, thank you and can’t wait to see you again soon.
      Sarah xxx

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