Fairy Tales


My youthful mind, it did adore

the fairy tales of old.

I believed in all the fables

of the stories being told.


A Princess woken by a kiss

after many years a slumber.

By a young Knight, on his stead

whose enemies did outnumber.


In disguise, a big bad wolf

who entrapped and spread deceit.

The truth would out and he’d be slain

killed by his own conceit.


Horse drawn carriages made of gold

transported me in dreams.

Carried me off to far away lands

beyond nightmarish screams.


Children caught by a wicked witch

A cat who walked in boots.

A singing apple, a speaking bird

Step sisters in cahoots.


Love and truth would conquer all

be the savour of mankind.

Such were the romantic inklings

Of a naive, innocent mind.

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