So you’ve stumbled across my musings and poems.  I wish you a big, warm welcome!

Shiny Pebbles is a collection of poetry and thoughts, documenting my journey through this magnificent life.  My intention and hope is that they will strike a chord.   Writing has helped me let go of lots of limiting beliefs.  Beliefs around who I thought I was meant to be, as oppose to who I actually am.

I write as consciously as I can, sharing my experiences of humanity (and humility).  I document honestly; is there any other way?  We are all both the student and the teacher.  Our purpose here is to shine and share.  As The Killers so eloquently put it, “I don’t shine, if you don’t shine’.

Throughout life, we are offered many choices.  The choice to embark on a hero’s journey, or the choice to continue holding ourselves back.  Shiny Pebbles, was one of my first steps into the unknown.

So, my friends, join me in embracing all that we do not yet know, and in that embrace, we will set ourselves free.

With love and light, always.

Sarah x

All words and musings © Sarah Klugman 2015 unless otherwise noted.

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Would you believe that the phrase ‘shiny pebbles’ popped into my head whilst meditating last night, and that this is what then brought me to your blog? I don’t often identify with someone else’s poetry, but with yours I do. I promise that I’m not an odd person, although I realise that what I’ve just said might suggest otherwise ;-/

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