The blueprints of life

I’ve seen the blueprints, I’ve seen the plan

The permutations of could, can’t and can

Life’s come and grabbed me by the hand

Presence showing me I’m everything but bland


My courage unveiled, I know I am strong

The Universe holds me, when my path is wrong

I recognise my judgements, they all come from me

From times when my heart and mind disagree


I believe in all that I am, life isn’t a thought

I know what I know; the lessons have been taught

Letting go of old concepts, that no longer serve

Living the life my ego says I don’t deserve


There’s no need for control; there never ever was

I followed like a lemming; society saying because

My concept of perfect now turned on its head

By unlocking my child, I am no longer dead


I cannot be held by projections or fear

Or feel an obligation to those I hold dear

I’m a wondrous woman; I’m all my own work

To not live life wondrously, well I’d be a real berk

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