Eyes continually searching, I check every face

Looking for features my heart can’t erase

Nightly I dream of his touch and his smell

The soft feel of his fragrance, that I know so well


Belief doesn’t do justice to all I held true

Our worlds interwoven with our own unique hue

I held a space in my heart, holding my ego at bay

Took that leap of faith, ignoring what may…


I am growing as well, I am filling my shoes

I want to live my life, like there’s nothing to lose

I know I can do this, I again can be strong

It just feels so strange him not being along


I long to reconnect with my essence and my heart

To trust and believe I can make a new start

I know this is true, I know I am held

That my journey through life is unparalleled


I love him, I long for him, I must wish him farewell

Whether our paths cross again, well no one can tell

So I look down, taking the hand of the eight year old me

Knowing that I, and only I, can be the best I can be

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