Does anyone know how to make true love stay?

How to anchor it down, so it won’t drift away?

How can vows that were made, become meaningless words?

How can the promises behind them, now feel so absurd?


How do you rebuild a life, when the goal posts are moved?

When the love of your life takes leave; is removed?

How can shutters be closed without care, without thought?

A long history rewritten; in a new life you stand court


Feeling lost, cast adrift, in a strange distant land

In my dreams you’re still with me, still holding my hand

How do I accept a decision, that is really not mine?

Reconcile my heart, now I’m on the sideline?


How do I deal with the sadness, when the tears just won’t dry?

How can I feel joy in my soul, as I cry and I cry?

How do I learn how to trust and live life without care?

How do I know I’ll be happy, when all I feel is despair?


How can I feel safe again, when you’ve taken your leave?

How long will this pain last, for how long must I grieve?

Am I a fool trying to fathom, the reason you went?

Weren’t we there for each other, wasn’t that our intent?

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