Just let life unfold

Life is not busy, only thoughts make it so

We individually choose, what can flourish and grow

Sit quietly with your mind, resist any projection

Too much thinking leads only to unsafe introspection


Feel love in your heart; allow it to be a feeling

It is only ourselves, who create our own ceiling

Live generously of spirit, we are all one and the same

The energy that flows through you, is for everyone’s gain


Happiness is not dependant, on just man-made things

Accumulation of possessions, won’t give your bow any strings

Spend time with your loved ones, sharing moments in full

Know that honesty and integrity, are most powerful of all


Mankind often confuses what’s right and what’s wrong

Don’t make gossip and drama your own unique song

Be generous, acknowledge, other beings you might meet

Catch the eye and smile, at those you pass on the street


We are equally responsible, not one person’s worth more

The Universe unravels, look at everything in awe

Everyone’s story, has a right to be told

Do not judge or control; just let life unfold

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