There’s a whole life to unearth

I’m thinking alot about being still.  Relaxing perfectly into the moment; being held by it.  Knowing from deep inside my inner child, that I am always safe.  That there is nothing to fear, only the attainment of what is best for ourselves in the present moment.  No self judgement being made about what we’re worth, what should define us and who we intellectualise ourselves to be…


Wake up early, to see dawn break

Feel dew wet grass, under foot

Hear beyond all your thinking

Do not add, your own input


Listen to the cacophony of nature

The lack of sound, in your mind

Breathe in every ounce of self-worth

Exhaling love and being aligned


Feel the sun, on your shoulders

The scale of all that can be

Watch the leaves swaying rhythmically

Allow yourself to be carefree


Feel the vibration of humanity

Know it’s life and add your own

We’re all magnificent beings

Don’t leave it to others to be shown


Always smile and speak to strangers

Hold their eye, acknowledge their worth

Have courage; know you’re shiny

There’s a whole life, to unearth

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