Be clear with intentions

To love and approve of yourself without question

Allows freedom of mind, without any thought congestion

Having courage in your actions and respect for mankind

Means you’ll never look back and have no axe to grind


Have honour in your heart, treat others with respect

Live your life with real purpose and you won’t disconnect

From your spirit within you and the values you hold dear

Never be scared, know there’s nothing to fear


There are knowns and unknowns, like there always has been

Your destination in life, remains a picture unseen

You may love and may lose, without rhyme, without reason

There’ll always be liars and those who commit treason


The truth, it can hurt; be a knife through your heart

Do not view it as the end, when it’s always the start

Be mindful of behaviour, it speaks louder than words

Be clear with intentions and you’ll always be heard


Have strength when you’ve been knocked, down to the floor

Ooze confidence and compassion, from each and every pore

Surround yourself in white light, be true to your soul

Know that other’s projections, shouldn’t be your own goal

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