Our purpose is this moment

Appearances suggest, it is closed and is sealed

It’s structure distorted, completely piecemealed

Movement restricted, there’s no room to breathe

The mind is immobile, held tight in a sheath


Voices, repetitive, dictate what can be

An absence of others, no lock and no key

Function reduced to a steadfast routine

Buoyant by sugar and shots of caffeine


A never-ending circle, is how life is viewed

The measure of success, is how much you’ve accrued

A knowing, a niggle, that this can’t just be it

Awakening to the truth, beyond all the bullshit


A moment of seeing the scale of the con

We’ve been treated like puppets for way, way too long

A new earth is upon us, it’s here for us all

It’s for us to embrace, it is time to stand tall


Start questioning, start searching to find your own voice

Don’t identify with form; it’s to you to make that choice

Let go of your chatter, it’s a foe, not a friend

Our purpose is this moment, that’s the real godsend

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