The Universe’s Pull

My stride is long

I’m stepping out

Beyond projection’s gaze

Assumption’s trailing

Out of sight

Stumbling over a phrase

Doubt is packed

With worry and fear

And posted non-return

Potential’s cup

Now overflows

Possibilities at every turn

Choices float

Just within reach

I’ve stuffed my pockets full

My head held high

I ebb and flow

With the Universe’s pull


To build with desire

A life that’s all mine

To build with true purpose

My energetic design


To reflect the moon beams

And to bathe in its light

To reflect on my past

Yet keep the present in sight


To experience true wholeness

Being held by my heart

To experience with intensity

The life, I wish to impart


To believe in the goodness

That bestows humankind

To believe I have courage

That I’m truly aligned


To create with intention

Be the true architect

To create with abundance

All that I deem, to expect


Girl with a ballon

Skipping through the fields

Of all of her dreams

She ran with abandon

Through the familiar scenes


Wonderful memories

All flooded the plain

Of the moonlit landscape

Of her imagined terrain


Across streams of lucidity

She transcended dimensions

Reaffirming her desires

She aligned her intentions


Accompanied by souls

Of a higher vibration

She healed the wounds

Of a past separation


Limitless possibilities

Permeated her skin

Revealing her purpose

Her true knowing within

In complete suspension

Lift the anchor and set sail

The seas will hold you afloat

See the intangible on the horizon

Aboard your magnificent dreamboat


Don’t be a victim to circumstance

Your judgement, not the slightest bit flawed

Your experience, previously sailed waters

The Universe stands to applaud


In complete suspension; doctrine dissolved

Our integrity our integral second skin

The intention to live life fearlessly

The real purpose without and within

No fixed direction

With anticipation and hope

Watching from the side line

It’s only thinking creating

A different outcome each time


What is my heart’s desire?

What do I really want?

Does it help to rewrite

In a totally new font?


There are no rights or wrongs

That is so plain to see

Where is the clarity of reason?

The real purpose of me?


So much time has been wasted

On just doing and re-doing

Without a satisfying outcome

It is with love, I need wooing


My ideals and my design

Becoming clear in my heart

Who are the movers and shakers?

To share my new start?


Stepping off the start line

No longer scared, win or lose

Knowing there’s only this moment

No fixed direction to choose

Our purpose is this moment

Appearances suggest, it is closed and is sealed

It’s structure distorted, completely piecemealed

Movement restricted, there’s no room to breathe

The mind is immobile, held tight in a sheath


Voices, repetitive, dictate what can be

An absence of others, no lock and no key

Function reduced to a steadfast routine

Buoyant by sugar and shots of caffeine


A never-ending circle, is how life is viewed

The measure of success, is how much you’ve accrued

A knowing, a niggle, that this can’t just be it

Awakening to the truth, beyond all the bullshit


A moment of seeing the scale of the con

We’ve been treated like puppets for way, way too long

A new earth is upon us, it’s here for us all

It’s for us to embrace, it is time to stand tall


Start questioning, start searching to find your own voice

Don’t identify with form; it’s to you to make that choice

Let go of your chatter, it’s a foe, not a friend

Our purpose is this moment, that’s the real godsend