It’s time to leave the foyer

It is

What it is

There is nothing to dispute

The synchronicity of time

Is acceptance, not refute


Without knowing

Is the knowledge

That separation doesn’t exist

Don’t be controlled by the mind

To think is to resist


Observance, the answer

To the question you seek

Feel connected to the source

And let go

There is nothing to tweak



Upon stories

You’re the author, don’t you see!?

This is life you’re creating

But there is no guarantee


You are loved

You are held

There is no penance to pay

Come home to your heart

It’s time to leave the foyer

What happens if?

What happens if the realisation is

That you are, more than perfect?

But perfection is the dichotomy

Of a deranged mind, you suspect


What happens if you are prepared

To fight hand over fist?

Until the thin membrane of life

Manifests its truth, unnoticed


What happens if you are stranded

Cast adrift in your life?

Devoid of constants to measure

The ever-impeding strife


What happens if your knowing

Becomes totally dislodged?

With your heart cast adrift

The soul cannot be judged


What happens if your mind

Starts to wander off at night?

To a star-spangled optimism

The definitive cure of man’s plight


What happens if your imagination

Is more, than the sum of its parts?

Causing a split in the seams

Spewing truths set to smart


What happens if pure potential

Is well, within your grasp?

But you’re all fingers and thumbs

And cannot undo the clasp


What happens if your reflection

Doesn’t recognise its source?

Hiding behind transparent falsehoods

The modern Trojan Horse


What happens if your wants

Cannot breathe beneath the fear?

In an attempt to catch your breath

You search a wave you can steer


What happens if your heart

Cannot fathom its own truth?

Separated by a distance

In a disconnected phone-booth


The extent of recollection

Depends on the mind recollecting

If there wasn’t thought in the delivery

There’ll be far less in the fetching


The awareness of a life doing

Will make way for just being

Attempts to outrun yourself

Reveal the futility of fleeing


The manmade illusion

That the world is unravelling

Can imprison the heart

From its own, soulful travelling


Suspended within reach

Our perfect selves are there floating

Accessible to everyone

Who takes action, rather than quoting


The impermanence of everything

Is the gift of the living

It creates freedom for growth

Our divine purpose is self-serving

Second to None

The dis-ease in your mind, is the denial that you’re great

There is greatness within you, whether you hide or exaggerate


It is true, oh so true, despite seeing it, or not

Release un-wanted conditions, do not let your mind rot


It is true whether you’re focused, on your growth to the stars

It is true whether you’re trapped, behind your own prison bars


You, with hard luck stories, filling megabytes of space!

Deny all you want to, you’re in a self-created chase


Affirm your desire, what you focus on, you create

You are never in the wrong place and it’s never too late


Find your own starting point; be cool with where you’re at

Beliefs change all the time, often depending on where you’re sat


You are really okay.  Yes.  You are allowed to believe

Your desire to be magnificent; it’s the ace up your sleeve


Show more interest in where you’re going, than where you have been

Be mindful of your intentions, as you affirm all you dream


You create your own life, by the thoughts that you practice

There’ll always be influences, don’t be preoccupied with injustice


You choose the tone of your questioning,  so are you asking the right one?

Believe in your magnificence without measurement, you are second to none!

Trusting Intuition

Looking through old photos

Seen with new eyes

An apparent wholeness of being

In two-dimensional minutiae


The aliveness projecting

From the pixellated print

Is an external reminder

Life’s a privilege, not a sprint


Savouring experiences

New lessons always learnt

A blueprint, perhaps?

Life can still leave you burnt


It’s a risk always worth taking

Sometimes a love becomes lost

By relinquishing control

There’s nothing left to accost


Trusting intuition

Seeing perfection in old flaws

Stepping into life’s purpose

No safety net, or guarantors


Looking back is only useful

If grounded firmly in the now

Or the image becomes distorted

A new tint added somehow

Buffering your emotions

Buffering your emotions

Tightly wrapped in cottonwool

Gives the illusion of safety

Until you open the ringpull


Peer from inside your bubble

Smell the clean, honest air

You can live out your dreams

But only if you dare


No time, just the present

The gift with which you are born

It’s your timeless connection

Which can never be torn


You’re meant to succeed

It’s the reason you’re here

Let go of all outcomes

Watch your life shift a gear


With courage, trust your judgement

Let is flow through your being

Now open your eyes wide

Recalibrate what you’re seeing