Life’s a continuous heyday

Rugs being pulled

Left, right and centre

There are changes afoot

Are you a stayer or frequenter?


Always open your eyes

No need to be scared

Some rules need rewriting

That way we’re prepared


You can’t stop life happening

There’s no second hand

Live life with passion

Just be you, understand


Humanity has potential

It’s written in plain sight

Simply shrug your shoulders

Tie control to a kite


Set free limiting mindsets

Know you’re always okay

Create unity in your centre

Life’s a continuous heyday

Wake up from your sleep

Observe thoughts without judgement

Keep intuition close to hand

Feel the vibrations increasing

It’s not a concept to understand


Allow your unconscious to hold you

Consciousness can only steer

Give yourself ample leg room

Don’t let your essence disappear


Although cared for and loved

It is never without question

Expectations always our own

Just a fearful suggestion


Self judgement stagnates us

Holds us still in one place

And no amount of thinking

Can mark an end to the chase


Divert your attention

Sit down, breathe in deep

Connect through your heart

And wake up from your sleep


Her skin tires of the day

A mask of fumes and day old makeup

Containing only her physical form


Her mind and spirit parted

By societies control over time

Her heart seeking…


A non-refundable ticket

For an unreserved seat

Standing room only


She seeks refuge publicly

Sharing drinks, not words

Stuck in a neuron gridlock


Anxiety grips her conscious mind

Her unconscious unheard

Devoid of reason or purpose


Decisions governed by thought

Trapped by routine

Shrouded by programming


Nature and neon window dresses

Her busy, doing world

Loneliness forming a crowd


She sleeps fitfully

Her spirit whispering ideas

To her inner child


Suggestions, coincidences

Tap her on the shoulder

Turning, she catches her own eye


Allowing herself in

She removes the halter

And frees the grateful workhorse

It’s your hand on the door

Keeping to the path

So many involved

Pushing and pulling

Many issues unresolved


True nature; true purpose

Recorded, not filed

Consciousness the reason

No numbers are dialed


Allow life to unfold

Control is a has-been

Presence is this moment

In full view, yet unseen


Don’t long for approval

Accept that you belong

Step out of delusional fear

Know you can’t go wrong


Trust your autonomy

Have integrity in your core

Be honest with yourself

It’s your hand on the door

I know just what to do

No longer coerced

I am following my lead

My moments expanding

My soul, I have freed


Growing, unstunted

Unconsciously held

My wings are unfurling

At once self-propelled


I spin in my centre

Am whole through my core

The subterfuge’d sadness

Shown straight through the door


Reasons unquantified…

Just not worth the words

Previous programming

So laughable and absurd


Freedom… A feeling

All shiny and new

My head is held high

I know just what to do