Misguided Fear

Integrity holds my gaze.

Her virtues shining,

obscured no more

by the will of others,

whose pain adopted my heart.

My eyes hold firm,

her standards,

my mirror image.

My attention momentarily lost,

I look away

and see doubt standing

in the corner.

The universally, unwelcome guest,

with an air of entitlement,

like she owns the place.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

An energetic vampire,

a conviction sucking leach.

I’m surprised she’s got the nerve,

the nerve to show her face…

I turn back to my reflection,

ignoring the fraudulent baiting.

The catcall of unworthy venom,

that spews from her distorted fear.

Our fear.

My fear.

My fear of believing

I am everything and more.

My fear

of knowing, I am everything and more.

My fear.

That cumbersome weight

with no mass.

My fear.

My misguided fear.

Your misguided fear.

There’re a surplus of paddles, in the place called shit creek…

Do you want to know how, you can make true love stay?

How to anchor it down, so it won’t drift away?

Well, first you must learn, how to hold you own gaze

Learn to live in the moment and not wish away days

Do not let your intentions, become meaningless words

Your integrity, the standards, by which you are heard

When life seems too much, there are lessons to learn

Have courage to look inwards and that way you’ll discern

That others may act without care, without thought

Yet within your own heart, you will always stand court

You are never lost or alone, in this strange human land

In another dimension, someone’s holding your hand

Some days you’ll feel sadness, but for whom do you cry?

If you keep looking behind, then the tears will not dry

Learn to trust and live life, without judgement or care

Know you’re meant to be happy, not to dwell in despair

Today is today, the past has taken its leave

The present, a gift, which only you can receive

You’re never a fool; you’re beautiful and unique

There’re a surplus of paddles, in the place called shit creek…

A story with no finish…

Your name now a stranger,

in person and in ink.

My heart held a safe distance,

from the torturous brink,

of a misplaced belonging

that carried no weight,

the emotive, sad rivers

still continue to abate

and courage, now magnified;

my soul stands, to applaud.

Gently nudged forward,

newly born, self-assured.

Within the safety of worth,

the lies now can diminish.

Another chapter unwritten,

of a story with no finish…

Everyone’s Story

Life is not busy

Only thoughts make it so

We individually choose

How to flourish and grow


Sit quietly with your mind

Resist any projection

Too much thinking just leads

To unsafe introspection


Have love in your heart

Let it be a deep feeling

It is only our minds

That create our own ceiling


Live generously of spirit

We’re all one and the same

The energy that flows through you

Is for everyone’s gain


Spend time with your loved ones

Sharing moments in full

Know that honesty, integrity

Are what powers, us all


Mankind often confuses

What’s right and what’s wrong

Don’t make gossip and drama

Your own unique song


We are equally responsible

No one person’s worth more

As the Universe unravels

Look at everything in awe


Everyone’s story

Has a right to be told

Do not judge or control

Just let life unfold


Lies have spun, a web so vast

The truth, no longer seen

A history not replete with fact

On make-believe, you wean


Words, cast with apparent ease

Unsteady they do stand

Illusions of, what did occur

Integrity, a foreign land


Hiding in the shadows now

The lessons to be learnt

Will you stand and face yourself

Or continue to be burnt?


Judgements mirror, your own mind

Reflecting how you feel

The chaos, just a smoke screen

Of all the promises you steal