There’re a surplus of paddles, in the place called shit creek…

Do you want to know how, you can make true love stay?

How to anchor it down, so it won’t drift away?

Well, first you must learn, how to hold you own gaze

Learn to live in the moment and not wish away days

Do not let your intentions, become meaningless words

Your integrity, the standards, by which you are heard

When life seems too much, there are lessons to learn

Have courage to look inwards and that way you’ll discern

That others may act without care, without thought

Yet within your own heart, you will always stand court

You are never lost or alone, in this strange human land

In another dimension, someone’s holding your hand

Some days you’ll feel sadness, but for whom do you cry?

If you keep looking behind, then the tears will not dry

Learn to trust and live life, without judgement or care

Know you’re meant to be happy, not to dwell in despair

Today is today, the past has taken its leave

The present, a gift, which only you can receive

You’re never a fool; you’re beautiful and unique

There’re a surplus of paddles, in the place called shit creek…