The dressing-up box of life

The dressing-up box of life

All the costumes you’ll need

Always something to suit

From a plaid to a tweed


Do not use clothes to hide

Feelings need to be aired

By always covering up

Your soul cannot be bared


Expression is honest

Does not cost you a dime

The opinions of others

Just a meaningless mime


Pull on trousers in confidence

And a T-shirt of pride

Add a poncho of humour

Wear whatever you decide


Mismatched socks of intent

Darn the hole on your heel

Uniformity not required

It just limits your zeal


Put your hands in the pockets

Of your jeans of goodwill

The shoes of expectation

They are not yours to fill


That old, well-worn jumper

With a leather patched sleeve

An old favourite unravelling

Your own unique weave

Universal Threads

My bad days, are the good days

Of the time that has passed

Without denying my feelings

There’s no emotional fast


Sadness still visits

But no longer makes its bed

Doesn’t take root in my heart

Nor try to squat in my head


The pull of what was

No more dictates the result

Face to face with my fears

It is my choice to exalt


I am learning to trust

That I am where I should be

The outcome released

I love and trust just in me


None of us are separate

We do not stand alone

Connecting to everything

Universal threads being sewn

Become your own hero

Get into the game

Do not hold yourself back

Awaken your best self

And take up the slack


Clarify uncertainties

Have courage; speak your truth

False assumptions, just that

No one is bulletproof


Do not put off living

For some future event

Do not presume what will happen

Take big risks to circumvent


Seize all opportunities

Do not play small

The fear behind resistance

Stops you being your all


Live your life backwards

Where will you be at the end?

Make the choices to get there

Truly embark, don’t pretend


Betrayal and limitations

Are all your own work

Question your beliefs

This task, you cannot shirk


Let all of your talents

See the pure light of day

Become your own hero

And live life your way

Game Plan

Get a big piece of paper

It’s an almighty list

For your game plan needs writing

Don’t worry details; get the gist


Think back to your childhood

Of what filled you with joy

Lose the concept of money

Come on there, don’t be coy


Grab a permanent marker

Don’t let your thinking be small

What’s your driving ambition?

Create magic; it’s your call!


Walk barefoot through possibilities

Ideas lapping over your feet

With synchronicity your partner

Remove the chaff from the wheat


Think outside of the box

There’s no limit to a dream

Feel the tingle of excitement

Do not censor the extreme


What do you really love doing?

What lights up your heart?

Do you think you’re not worthy?

Or don’t know where to start?


Do you want to climb Everest?

Have huskies pull your sleigh?

Then create those opportunities

Remove your ego; seize the day


We’re designed to succeed

There is nothing you can’t do

Your comfort zone imagined

A shake-up well overdue


This list is your dream board

As you carve your own stone

It is your personal blueprint

The road back to your throne

There is no now, or never

Is your life full to the brim

With what you’re told to do?

Overflowing with other’s opinions

That are neither relevant nor true


It is time to make your debut

Remove the shackles of your past

Sow the seeds of pure potential

We’re not designed to be typecast


Judgement kills the spirit

Will just keep you small

Imprisons carefree thinking

We’re really here to have a ball


There is no now, or never

In this moment is where we stand

The integrity gap then narrows

Life unfolding as was planned


Abundance, not a state of mind

Not an ego created prize

Acceptance is what creates the space

For your purpose to materialise

False Control

You’ll never be able to second guess

Nor read another’s mind

It’s futile thinking, that’s for sure

Projections are all you’ll find


Just be, without approval sought

No comparisons need be made

Don’t procrastinate, just make the choice

To step out from the shade


Observe how others ebb and flow

Whilst sticking to the crowd

Asleep to who they actually are

Whilst their ego stands up proud


Review your motives; do not hide

Behind someone else’s dream

Completely trust to find your path

Your own truth is what you gleam


Step forward into your own embrace

Without loss or false control

Your pride perhaps misguided

In pursuing another’s bankroll


Too many spend time living

Through a pre-prescribed idea

Of how others have lived before them

That’s what stops you shifting gear