There is no now, or never

Is your life full to the brim

With what you’re told to do?

Overflowing with other’s opinions

That are neither relevant nor true


It is time to make your debut

Remove the shackles of your past

Sow the seeds of pure potential

We’re not designed to be typecast


Judgement kills the spirit

Will just keep you small

Imprisons carefree thinking

We’re really here to have a ball


There is no now, or never

In this moment is where we stand

The integrity gap then narrows

Life unfolding as was planned


Abundance, not a state of mind

Not an ego created prize

Acceptance is what creates the space

For your purpose to materialise

3 thoughts on “There is no now, or never

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  2. I love your poems. They are on the same wavelength as me. It’s like you have taken the things I’ve been thinking about and made them into beautiful poems. Happy I found you on here. I’m gonna subscribe.

    • Your comment makes my heart sing. Thank you. I write to gain clarity and I grow with each word. My part in raising the world’s frequency one rhyme at a time 🙂

      It feels right, so I do it. Love and light. Sarah

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