Burning Bridges

The bridge burns fiercely

on a lifetime’s kindling.

(Love has skipped town)

Connections compromised.

Truths floating,

suspended in plain view.

Charred possibilities

still too close to the flames.

A powerful ego dances madly,

extinguishing living potential.

Smoke circles of options dissipate.

White light and love, attempting

to create new pathways

for momentary growth.

The final tear falls.

I turn, walking away.

My own bridge beckoning me.


Slave to the rhythm

Slave to the mind

Slave to the fears

That riddle mankind


Slave to the caress

Slave to the touch

Slave to the feel

That exquisite crutch


Slave to the ego

Slave to the goal

Slave to the doubt

That unconscious toll


Slave to the minutes

Slave to the clock

Slave to the time

That mental gridlock

There is no now, or never

Is your life full to the brim

With what you’re told to do?

Overflowing with other’s opinions

That are neither relevant nor true


It is time to make your debut

Remove the shackles of your past

Sow the seeds of pure potential

We’re not designed to be typecast


Judgement kills the spirit

Will just keep you small

Imprisons carefree thinking

We’re really here to have a ball


There is no now, or never

In this moment is where we stand

The integrity gap then narrows

Life unfolding as was planned


Abundance, not a state of mind

Not an ego created prize

Acceptance is what creates the space

For your purpose to materialise

False Control

You’ll never be able to second guess

Nor read another’s mind

It’s futile thinking, that’s for sure

Projections are all you’ll find


Just be, without approval sought

No comparisons need be made

Don’t procrastinate, just make the choice

To step out from the shade


Observe how others ebb and flow

Whilst sticking to the crowd

Asleep to who they actually are

Whilst their ego stands up proud


Review your motives; do not hide

Behind someone else’s dream

Completely trust to find your path

Your own truth is what you gleam


Step forward into your own embrace

Without loss or false control

Your pride perhaps misguided

In pursuing another’s bankroll


Too many spend time living

Through a pre-prescribed idea

Of how others have lived before them

That’s what stops you shifting gear

Your potential is magnificent

The desire to belittle, to resent others gain

Comes from fear of inadequacy; a jealous disdain

Stop looking around, to make your life whole

Dissatisfaction comes, when perfection is your goal


We live in a time full of promise and joy

Apprehension a feeling, a thinking decoy

Life doesn’t happen, don’t be dragged by its pull

Look closely at your glass and you’ll see it’s brimful


Others don’t judge, we just do that all on our own

Old projections and beliefs, need to now be outgrown

Take time to view others through their eyes, not yours

Encourage them with love and a raucous applause


Know what you know, from deep in your knowing

There’s a magical connection in our coming and going

We are alive at this time to remember lessons learnt

Don’t be held back by the mindless can’t, shan’t or won’t


Your ego will fight to keep you locked in your head

But let go of control, sever the gridlock of dread

Have faith in your abilities, you are everything and more

Your potential is magnificent, now let yourself soar

You create everything you need

Take a long look at your mind

Don’t be scared.  Step up close

Look beyond age-old judgements

Have a rummage.  Take a nose


If you’ve thought into a dead-end

Take a left and then a sharp right

Go under the bridge of discontentment

Keep the end goal in sight


As the thoughts try to beckon

Have you join in their chat

Be polite and rebuke them

Back away from where they’re sat


Let intuition freely guide you

From your heart and not your head

Wiggle your toes, then step forward

Be awake.  Get out of bed


Know from deep in your knowing

The Universe wants you to succeed

Immerse yourself in the pleasure

You create everything you need