Your potential is magnificent

The desire to belittle, to resent others gain

Comes from fear of inadequacy; a jealous disdain

Stop looking around, to make your life whole

Dissatisfaction comes, when perfection is your goal


We live in a time full of promise and joy

Apprehension a feeling, a thinking decoy

Life doesn’t happen, don’t be dragged by its pull

Look closely at your glass and you’ll see it’s brimful


Others don’t judge, we just do that all on our own

Old projections and beliefs, need to now be outgrown

Take time to view others through their eyes, not yours

Encourage them with love and a raucous applause


Know what you know, from deep in your knowing

There’s a magical connection in our coming and going

We are alive at this time to remember lessons learnt

Don’t be held back by the mindless can’t, shan’t or won’t


Your ego will fight to keep you locked in your head

But let go of control, sever the gridlock of dread

Have faith in your abilities, you are everything and more

Your potential is magnificent, now let yourself soar