Expect to Expect

Expect life to teach you, all you need know

Expect to reap just, as much as you sow

Expect to receive, all the love you are worth

Expect to discover, your soul purpose of birth

Expect to make sense, of the lessons you’ll learn

Expect to have times, when you’ll need to discern

Expect life to give you, what you need at that time

Expect to face peaks, over which you must climb

Expect to be taught, that truth is not always told

Expect to have moments, when you’ll have to be bold

Expect to find love, to be swept off your feet

Expect to be honoured, by those who mistreat

Expect to expect, you are one of a kind

Expect you are just, as the Universe designed

Everyone’s Story

Life is not busy

Only thoughts make it so

We individually choose

How to flourish and grow


Sit quietly with your mind

Resist any projection

Too much thinking just leads

To unsafe introspection


Have love in your heart

Let it be a deep feeling

It is only our minds

That create our own ceiling


Live generously of spirit

We’re all one and the same

The energy that flows through you

Is for everyone’s gain


Spend time with your loved ones

Sharing moments in full

Know that honesty, integrity

Are what powers, us all


Mankind often confuses

What’s right and what’s wrong

Don’t make gossip and drama

Your own unique song


We are equally responsible

No one person’s worth more

As the Universe unravels

Look at everything in awe


Everyone’s story

Has a right to be told

Do not judge or control

Just let life unfold


Lies have spun, a web so vast

The truth, no longer seen

A history not replete with fact

On make-believe, you wean


Words, cast with apparent ease

Unsteady they do stand

Illusions of, what did occur

Integrity, a foreign land


Hiding in the shadows now

The lessons to be learnt

Will you stand and face yourself

Or continue to be burnt?


Judgements mirror, your own mind

Reflecting how you feel

The chaos, just a smoke screen

Of all the promises you steal

The Purchase…

The promises and dreams, sewn into the dress

Were impossible to resist, I have to confess

The purchase of silk, with its taffeta twill

An enhancement required, or the intention to thrill?


The soft touch of the fabric, on the length of my thighs

The warm, sensual hold, of its multiple plies

The cold touch of the zip, from the nape, down my spine

I caressed the pure form, of a mere, hand-stitched shrine


The mirror invited me, to accept its allure

Offering me more, than I could ever endure

Evoking a lust, through its objectification

Subjecting my ego, to its verification


I twirled in the confines, of the falsely lit booth

Justifying its cost, by deluding the truth

Caught up in the drama, of who I could be

Yet I was no more, than the brand I could see

What was?

What was the pact?

Our soulful tie

That brought us both together?


What was the reason?

Our paths converged

If no permanence in forever?


What was the lesson?

The learnings revealed

That required so much pain?


What was the glue?

The cement that set

That cracked when under strain?


What was the purpose?

The divine intent

Of sharing what we shared?


What was the bond?

That couldn’t hold

The views we never aired?


What was the moment?

The shifting gear

That set this course in action?


What was the cause?

The single act

That ceased all further traction?