For Owen

He was different for me

As he was different for you.

Commonalities far beyond

Shared blood; a shared ancestry

Stretching way back.

It’s looking forward that smacks me in the face,

No longer able to trace

His breath in the distance.

Knowing and feeling merge into one.

A gripping pain

That hurts.

A cobweb of empathy

Intertwines continents

As does a sense of uselessness.

What’s done is done,

The end of a run

Of a man.

Not understanding,

Not withstanding 

The illogical logic,

That must have blinded him.

His head swallowing his heart whole,

Taking him away.

Misplaced Belonging


Your name now a stranger,

in person and in ink.

My heart held a safe distance,

from the torturous brink,

of a misplaced belonging

that carried no weight,

the emotive sad rivers,

continue to abate

yet courage is magnified;

my soul stands to applaud.

I am gently nudged forward,

newly born, self-assured.

Within the safety of worth,

the lies start to diminish.

Another chapter unwritten,

of a story with no finish…

What was?

What was the pact?

Our soulful tie

That brought us both together?


What was the reason?

Our paths converged

If no permanence in forever?


What was the lesson?

The learnings revealed

That required so much pain?


What was the glue?

The cement that set

That cracked when under strain?


What was the purpose?

The divine intent

Of sharing what we shared?


What was the bond?

That couldn’t hold

The views we never aired?


What was the moment?

The shifting gear

That set this course in action?


What was the cause?

The single act

That ceased all further traction?