The Magnificent Present

Becoming whole

Centered from my source


In knowing

That everything will

Unfold as intended


Relinquishing control

With alignment

Only my true purpose

Can transpire

With love

And honest intentions


Shared values

Through awareness

Created realisation

Of my seventh sense

Showing the perfection

Within every soul


Stilling my mind

For beauty to bloom

Spoken and felt

Love, the answer to

Every question

Ever asked


That the ego

Attempted to gag

Through fear

Scared of its demise

Forgiveness, gently

Guided it aside






Feeding emptiness

Come in from the cold,

dark anxiety of your mind.


Feast yourself on a slice

Of escapism pie.


It’s saccharin lightness,

the antidote to unsavoury thoughts

Of what if’s,

mixed with the shoulds and

Yoghurt covered woulds.


Each sweet laden fork,

a bitter reminder,

of your skeletal soul

Obese with inadequacy.


Feeling cheap

And empty of substance.

Time chewed and swallowed.

Your mind tricked,

into feeling full

Opinions are like arse holes

Opinions are like arse holes

Everyone’s got a behind

Flatulent views filling spaces

Mostly unpleasant; rarely kind


Unsolicited advice.  Lobbed

Like grenades into the breach

Confidence the victim

Of a blood sucking leach


What is mankind’s impulsion

To perpetuate their own shit?

They should re-examine the horizon

From the high horse where they sit


Words overflow in chat rooms

Binary wants and coded lore

Hold society in a stronghold

Insisting what we need, is More


The television also accountable

For two-dimensional advice

Producers salivating at conflict

People’s hearts, their merchandise


Time to examine your reason

For hanging with this crowd

Is your true sense of worth

Really just another’s dark cloud?


Never ending columns of newsprint

Constrict our breathing, to produce

To take them at pure face value

Puts society’s head in the noose

In complete suspension

Lift the anchor and set sail

The seas will hold you afloat

See the intangible on the horizon

Aboard your magnificent dreamboat


Don’t be a victim to circumstance

Your judgement, not the slightest bit flawed

Your experience, previously sailed waters

The Universe stands to applaud


In complete suspension; doctrine dissolved

Our integrity our integral second skin

The intention to live life fearlessly

The real purpose without and within

My rhyming week

Had a day off on Monday

Spent the morning in bed

Huddled under the covers

Flying dreams filled my head


Tuesday brought action

From the sweet break of dawn

I was up and was at ’em

Before the Westies could yawn


On Wednesday I re-acquainted

With a face from my past

Catching up on a decade

The gossip left me aghast


Thursday I treasured

In my role as an Aunt

Hours playing and chatting

My nephew sure can enchant


Had an early start on Friday

Making me yawn by midday

Requiring several expresso’s

To keep the tiredness at bay


Saturday was lovely

Just pottering at home

Spent the day in pyjamas

Didn’t wash, didn’t comb


Very social on Sunday

Several hours in the pub

Drinking far too much wine

Accompanied by great grub