Make up your own Mind

The kicker of the kicker

is it carries no weight.

It’s all bark

with the bite of a gurner.

It’s simple really.

Life happens.

You can’t dodge it,

can’t press pause.

You can be contrite;

what’s theirs is yours…

You see, I’ve learnt

a thing or two,

not that I’m wise

but I no longer despise

what’s out of my control.

Don’t spread your legs

for a lick and a promise.

Who hasn’t?

Who wouldn’t?

I’d strongly recommend you don’t,

not that you won’t,

make up your own mind.

Stop looking and seek,

eternally speak,

your own truth.

The words that form a lump,

make you palms sweaty,

those thoughts need airing,

‘cos life is short.

So do not get caught

with regrets.

Step out of the charade.

and do not,

under any circumstances,

let anyone,

piss on your parade.


The shards of truth

shine light,

illuminating the fable,

embellished by time.

Multiple tales

of a self-created fiction,

that forces itself

on the facts, that the

conscious mind

seeks to hide from itself.

A hall of mirrors, protects

the heart’s dishonesty.

The irony of the projection

destroying self-worth,

as the layers grow deeper,

reflected only, by the

white purity of the lie.

Stop looking to others

Leave disbelief at the door

With your shoes and your socks

And walk fearlessly inside

This is a room with no locks


In this space we are equal

There’s no one to impress

If it makes you more comfortable

Then feel free to undress


Acceptance, the Grail

We all seek to attain

The many excuses we make

Become our only real bane


Take a look round the space

You think of as your mind

Explore all of the avenues

That your thoughts try to find


Suspend those connections

Hard wired and so false

We are not manmade objects

As we all have a pulse


Our literal world

Is fragmenting our spirit

Turning wondrous experiences

Into mere badges of merit


This journey we’re offered

Has no guarantee in place

Nor is it a trial to endure

Or a futile drag-race


We all rock in our own way

You have nothing to prove

So stop looking to others

To find your own groove

She stood in her own way…

She was an innocent child

Full of hope, full of dreams

Not yet tainted by others

Nor involved in their schemes


She loved being silly

Being carefree in life

Unaware that her learning

Was just other people’s strife


As a good girl she listened

Never wanting to be rude

Adopting the methods of others

Far too young to be shrewd


People pushing and pulling

Saying who she should be

Cast a shadow on her senses

Preventing her to stay free


She conformed to their wishes

Wanting to make others proud

So she kept herself small

Remaining part of the crowd


She stood in her own way

Blind to all of her needs

Feeding other people’s dreams

Never sowing her own seeds


Then the tide started turning

Others didn’t know best

With resolve she looked inwards

Seeing all she’d repressed


Peeling away many layers

She saw her inner truth

That she knew all the answers

And reconciled with her youth



Honesty, ever elusive

if you’ve only got your back

Honesty, far more

than coveting what you lack


Honesty, not letters

conveyed in two-dimensional form

Honesty, not words

resulting from a brainstorm


Honesty, can’t support

delusional stories that you tell

Honesty, not existent

unless in alignment you dwell


Honesty, is love

with the truth at its core

Honesty, egoless

it’s for the collective to soar


Honesty, benefitting

enabling all those it serves

Honesty, crossing fingers

really gets on my nerves


Honesty, the intention

to always act from your heart

Honesty, the connection

for a new world to impart