The Magnificent Present

Becoming whole

Centered from my source


In knowing

That everything will

Unfold as intended


Relinquishing control

With alignment

Only my true purpose

Can transpire

With love

And honest intentions


Shared values

Through awareness

Created realisation

Of my seventh sense

Showing the perfection

Within every soul


Stilling my mind

For beauty to bloom

Spoken and felt

Love, the answer to

Every question

Ever asked


That the ego

Attempted to gag

Through fear

Scared of its demise

Forgiveness, gently

Guided it aside






Feeding emptiness

Come in from the cold,

dark anxiety of your mind.


Feast yourself on a slice

Of escapism pie.


It’s saccharin lightness,

the antidote to unsavoury thoughts

Of what if’s,

mixed with the shoulds and

Yoghurt covered woulds.


Each sweet laden fork,

a bitter reminder,

of your skeletal soul

Obese with inadequacy.


Feeling cheap

And empty of substance.

Time chewed and swallowed.

Your mind tricked,

into feeling full

The dressing-up box of life

The dressing-up box of life

All the costumes you’ll need

Always something to suit

From a plaid to a tweed


Do not use clothes to hide

Feelings need to be aired

By always covering up

Your soul cannot be bared


Expression is honest

Does not cost you a dime

The opinions of others

Just a meaningless mime


Pull on trousers in confidence

And a T-shirt of pride

Add a poncho of humour

Wear whatever you decide


Mismatched socks of intent

Darn the hole on your heel

Uniformity not required

It just limits your zeal


Put your hands in the pockets

Of your jeans of goodwill

The shoes of expectation

They are not yours to fill


That old, well-worn jumper

With a leather patched sleeve

An old favourite unravelling

Your own unique weave

Become your own hero

Get into the game

Do not hold yourself back

Awaken your best self

And take up the slack


Clarify uncertainties

Have courage; speak your truth

False assumptions, just that

No one is bulletproof


Do not put off living

For some future event

Do not presume what will happen

Take big risks to circumvent


Seize all opportunities

Do not play small

The fear behind resistance

Stops you being your all


Live your life backwards

Where will you be at the end?

Make the choices to get there

Truly embark, don’t pretend


Betrayal and limitations

Are all your own work

Question your beliefs

This task, you cannot shirk


Let all of your talents

See the pure light of day

Become your own hero

And live life your way

Buffering your emotions

Buffering your emotions

Tightly wrapped in cottonwool

Gives the illusion of safety

Until you open the ringpull


Peer from inside your bubble

Smell the clean, honest air

You can live out your dreams

But only if you dare


No time, just the present

The gift with which you are born

It’s your timeless connection

Which can never be torn


You’re meant to succeed

It’s the reason you’re here

Let go of all outcomes

Watch your life shift a gear


With courage, trust your judgement

Let is flow through your being

Now open your eyes wide

Recalibrate what you’re seeing