Mislaid Days

Mislaid days

Lost in the contours of the mind

Tied into knots

Thoughts and dreams intertwined


Inches of print

Saying how life should look

Potential becomes limited

By this unconscious rulebook


Language is laden

Weighed heavily with lies

Evident choices

In a five-a-day disguise


Dangerous allies

In a home-grown crowd

Petulant egos

With agendas unavowed


Misguided living

Projects unchecked intent

Blindly following

Prevents spiritual ascent


Unshackle yourself

From the timelessness of time

Remove old labels

Shift from the paradigm


Follow your lead

Do not justify or defend

Know you are enough

Become your own best friend

Yesterday’s gone

This journey is yours

As you steer its course

Atlas shrugging his shoulders

There is nothing to force


Do you get it? ┬áIt’s simple

Feel it in your bones

Your ego isn’t responsible

It’s thinking that condones


Be free of opinions

Of how everything must look

Write your new chapter

Create your own rulebook


Dream big with your life

Please dare to be bold

You’re allowed to be great

To win your own gold


Yesterday’s gone

Bid it farewell

Tomorrow is far off

It’s in this moment you dwell