Her tummy starts rumbling

Like a clock gaining time

The resulting behaviour

A daily paradigm


She shifts round the room

Vying for your eye

If she catches you looking

She wimpers in reply


She’s starving, she woofs

Feeling faint, wobbling paws

It’s days since you’ve fed me

Her barks turn to roars


Reasoning with her

Is a futile task

She knows she’s engaged me

Her joy is unmasked


The tin is opened

The kibble mixed in

She’s dancing in circles

With a salivating grin


She dives into the bowl

Chomping with delight

Seconds later it’s gone

Gobbled out of sight

So you think you have a choice

So you think you have a choice

Because you’re granted with free will?

So you think you have a choice

Do you know how to stand still?

So you think you have a choice

Can you pack up and leave?

So you think you have a choice

What do you really believe?

So you think you have a choice

Who actually makes the rules?

So you think you have a choice

Aren’t humanity just tools?

So you think you have a choice

Nothing is set in stone

So you think you have a choice

Remember, you’re never alone

So you think you have a choice

Don’t be a cog in the machine

So you think you have a choice

Are you more than just a figurine?

So you think you have a choice


Brighton confetti falls from the trees

Pink and white petals floating

Carried silently by the sea air

Indiscriminately sharing themselves

With dreamers city-wide

The potential of warmth

Hidden behind rain clouds

Confidence renewing

With the changing of the seasons

Only thoughts hindering change

Change oblivious to thoughts

Carries on unhindered

Growth visible to the naked eye

Universal invitations

Landing on everyone’s mind mats

Stepping into yourself

This is your moment

Life will simply play out, as it should be…

Like putty in my thought’s clumsy hands

I lived my life as if creating a brand

My ego controlled, while I hid in the wings

Fearful of saying or doing the wrong things


I knew I must trust, must let go of control

Remove myself from anxiety’s payroll

The Universe conspired and gave me a shove

I shifted from my head; my body fits like a glove


No longer a tourist on the journey of life

I don’t indulge in gossip or strife

I listen to my heart, feel all my emotions

To be and to love is far more than a notion


I feel gratitude and joy, deep in my source

Know my King will arrive on a magnificent horse

I’ve been given the time that I needed so bad

Hadn’t realised it was wrapped in something so sad


I feel my power, I am a High Priestess

A loyal friend and a cracking hostess

Nothing to prove to others or to me

Life will simply play out, as it should be


Life will simply play out, as it should be...

Let go of yourself

To let go of yourself

Through the absence of words

Feels like floating away

Never being misheard

The lightness of being

Is outweighed by nothing

Doing, a preoccupation

To prevent rebirthing

Recalibrating, recalibrating

The mechanics of life

Essentially human

Is a spiritual jack-knife

So many nonsenses

Projected, unchecked

Games people play

Increasingly circumspect

Be the change

Take responsibility to be

Remove yourself fully

From all the minutiae

Don’t act like a runt…

There are many choice words, in my mind’s forefront

Yet there is an obvious one, and on this I must punt


Emotions, there’ve been many, as I’ve taken the brunt

Of the disrespectful behaviour, I’ve had to confront


Decisions were made, conversations kept blunt…

No notice was given, prior to a forceful shunt


Still, things could be worse, so I won’t take affront

My own happiness and joy, is all that I hunt


Remember. Burning your bridges, is not a wise stunt

Complete integrity ensures, you never act like a runt