Today casts a shadow

On what was yesterday

A subtle reminder

Of the egos malady


Insurmountable troubles

Become a stroll in the park

Worries float away

Without leaving a mark


It’s all in our heads

A mind movie projection

Not worthy of effort

Nor of any introspection


Everyone telling us

Who we should be

Hindering our growth

Our authenticity


Beyond old beliefs

Is our real potential

Who we are really meant to be

The rest inconsequential

My own song

I surrendered to the day

And it showed me I’m whole

That by letting go of fears

I truly nurture my soul


I was present and held

Like an innocent child

With the full moon watching over

I could not be beguiled


I’ll sleep easy tonight

No longer haunted by the past

There is only this moment

As no dice have been cast


Just the sound of my heartbeat

And the wind through the palms

It is no longer about others

As I recognise my own charms


There’s no judgement in kind

There’s no right and no wrong

Just the sweet sound of contentment

As I sing my own song

Life will simply play out, as it should be…

Like putty in my thought’s clumsy hands

I lived my life as if creating a brand

My ego controlled, while I hid in the wings

Fearful of saying or doing the wrong things


I knew I must trust, must let go of control

Remove myself from anxiety’s payroll

The Universe conspired and gave me a shove

I shifted from my head; my body fits like a glove


No longer a tourist on the journey of life

I don’t indulge in gossip or strife

I listen to my heart, feel all my emotions

To be and to love is far more than a notion


I feel gratitude and joy, deep in my source

Know my King will arrive on a magnificent horse

I’ve been given the time that I needed so bad

Hadn’t realised it was wrapped in something so sad


I feel my power, I am a High Priestess

A loyal friend and a cracking hostess

Nothing to prove to others or to me

Life will simply play out, as it should be


Life will simply play out, as it should be...