Become your own hero

Get into the game

Do not hold yourself back

Awaken your best self

And take up the slack


Clarify uncertainties

Have courage; speak your truth

False assumptions, just that

No one is bulletproof


Do not put off living

For some future event

Do not presume what will happen

Take big risks to circumvent


Seize all opportunities

Do not play small

The fear behind resistance

Stops you being your all


Live your life backwards

Where will you be at the end?

Make the choices to get there

Truly embark, don’t pretend


Betrayal and limitations

Are all your own work

Question your beliefs

This task, you cannot shirk


Let all of your talents

See the pure light of day

Become your own hero

And live life your way

False Control

You’ll never be able to second guess

Nor read another’s mind

It’s futile thinking, that’s for sure

Projections are all you’ll find


Just be, without approval sought

No comparisons need be made

Don’t procrastinate, just make the choice

To step out from the shade


Observe how others ebb and flow

Whilst sticking to the crowd

Asleep to who they actually are

Whilst their ego stands up proud


Review your motives; do not hide

Behind someone else’s dream

Completely trust to find your path

Your own truth is what you gleam


Step forward into your own embrace

Without loss or false control

Your pride perhaps misguided

In pursuing another’s bankroll


Too many spend time living

Through a pre-prescribed idea

Of how others have lived before them

That’s what stops you shifting gear

The path to authenticity

Integrity; the intention

Of becoming and being whole

Through awakening the mind

Body, heart and soul


The path to authenticity

To a life of just being

Is through acceptance, enjoyment

And the excitement of doing


Trust; accountability

That can only start with you

If you can’t walk the walk

Then you can’t expect others to


Centring and grounding

A knowing, not a thought

Let go of old beliefs

The wrong lessons taught


Forgiveness, the answer

To the question of blame

Projection the constant replay

Of societies make-believe game


Today casts a shadow

On what was yesterday

A subtle reminder

Of the egos malady


Insurmountable troubles

Become a stroll in the park

Worries float away

Without leaving a mark


It’s all in our heads

A mind movie projection

Not worthy of effort

Nor of any introspection


Everyone telling us

Who we should be

Hindering our growth

Our authenticity


Beyond old beliefs

Is our real potential

Who we are really meant to be

The rest inconsequential