Become your own hero

Get into the game

Do not hold yourself back

Awaken your best self

And take up the slack


Clarify uncertainties

Have courage; speak your truth

False assumptions, just that

No one is bulletproof


Do not put off living

For some future event

Do not presume what will happen

Take big risks to circumvent


Seize all opportunities

Do not play small

The fear behind resistance

Stops you being your all


Live your life backwards

Where will you be at the end?

Make the choices to get there

Truly embark, don’t pretend


Betrayal and limitations

Are all your own work

Question your beliefs

This task, you cannot shirk


Let all of your talents

See the pure light of day

Become your own hero

And live life your way


The promiscuity of modern beliefs

Are generally bound by fiction

Can the truth of life today

Be found in Google diction?


Look to the past, follow your heart

Look beyond the constructs of fear

We are not the sum of our intellect

That’s so not the reason we’re here


Go into yourself, to find what’s real

There is a purpose inside us all

The veil is lifting, intentions unleashed

It’s time to scale the wall


Observe your connection to the universal divine

We’re far more than flesh and blood

The excitement comes when you see the con

It hits home with a real thud


To live with unease is a paradox

It’s becoming an epidemic disease

We are connected to everything, everywhere

We’re just one of many species


The path to evolve, to heal the world

Comes from us, not those who govern

Reclaim your birthright, you are part of the plan

Be the high priestess of your coven