reap, sow and plough

I am me, you are you, they are them over there

Observe those who don’t know; the ones that just stare

Keep an eye out for opinions, they fly dangerously low

Always move forward and don’t act like a schmo


Embrace all the madness and lengthen your stride

You know what you know and there’s nothing to hide

Ignore what your head says, just listen to your heart

Life is to live, it’s not something to chart


Don’t ever let anyone put you in a box

It’s no way to live and creates a paradox

Have a skip in your step and a wiggle in your tail

I can’t guarantee it, but I suspect you won’t fail


Dance with abandon, dance a jitterbug or two

Be all you can be, it doesn’t matter what you do

Smile at your reflection, give yourself a big wink

Don’t think too many thoughts, in fact try not to think…


Let go of your ego, pack its bag, bid farewell

It’s rarely any help and can make you unwell

Be grounded and present, live life in the now

Nurture yourself as you reap, sow and plough



The promiscuity of modern beliefs

Are generally bound by fiction

Can the truth of life today

Be found in Google diction?


Look to the past, follow your heart

Look beyond the constructs of fear

We are not the sum of our intellect

That’s so not the reason we’re here


Go into yourself, to find what’s real

There is a purpose inside us all

The veil is lifting, intentions unleashed

It’s time to scale the wall


Observe your connection to the universal divine

We’re far more than flesh and blood

The excitement comes when you see the con

It hits home with a real thud


To live with unease is a paradox

It’s becoming an epidemic disease

We are connected to everything, everywhere

We’re just one of many species


The path to evolve, to heal the world

Comes from us, not those who govern

Reclaim your birthright, you are part of the plan

Be the high priestess of your coven