This whole new chapter is all about me

I step out into an open space

No longer participating in the chase

I’m not the type to run or flee

This whole new chapter is all about me


Fear, I’ve let go of his hand

Strong and proud is how I stand

My mind and soul are flying free

This whole new chapter is all about me


In stillness I think I hear you heart beat

I see you face when I walk down the street

My heart it quickens, it fills will glee

This whole new chapter is all about me


So I walk alone, filling up with life

And slowly, I am removing the knife

Life is uncertain and that’s how it should be

This whole new chapter is all about me


Time has become my new best friend

With each passing day my heart will mend

My spirit is ripe, it’s fallen from the tree

This whole new chapter is all about me

Think of…

Think of never-ending moments, that fill you with joy

Think of baking cupcakes and swinging some poi

Think of a sky full of clouds that float you away

Think of all of the people you’ve met on your way


Think of sunshine and ice cream, hanging out with your mate

Think of snowballs and sleep overs and staying up late

Think of kittens on hoovers and bees in bow ties

Think of dancing with abandon and eating cherry pies


Think of back rubs and floating on your back in the pool

Think of all that can be and that life changing call

Think of all that you are and hold that thought tight

Think of walking tall, surrounded by white light


Think of presence and gratitude, of living here and now

Think of passionately making love and cows that meow

Think of the full moon cleansing you down to your toes

Think of planting a tree and watching as it grows


Our eyes met across the shimmer of the lagoon

If I had not been sitting, I think I’d have swoon

He gracefully glided out from the dark

And swam towards me, as if to remark

We bowed in acknowledgment to each others souls

And held a precious moment that made me feel whole

His feathered white beauty stood out like a jewel

The connection we made, was not one of a fool