Your brave and new start

When we lift up the rock

Our minds recoil at the truth

Eyeballing the facts

Without reason, without proof

Who am I?

Who are you?

Do we really want to know?

Without knowing

Without direction

This is how we will grow

There’s no answer

There’s no doing

We must grow tall

And just be

Our fate

Our destination

Is hidden

Not yet seen

Time a mere concept

A manmade construct

Without reference

Without thought

Not an object, or product

Hold onto values

Hold onto your heart

Hold it tight, hold it close

The whispers, they’ll rekindle

Your brave and new start

Would you?

Would you recognise yourself

If you came face to face?

Would you like who you met

Or flee at a great pace?

Would you go back to the start

If offered the chance?

Would you accept that you’re perfect

Exhort in your dance?

Would you cherish yourself

If you knew you can’t fail

Would you live in the moment

And stop chasing your tail?

My own song

I surrendered to the day

And it showed me I’m whole

That by letting go of fears

I truly nurture my soul


I was present and held

Like an innocent child

With the full moon watching over

I could not be beguiled


I’ll sleep easy tonight

No longer haunted by the past

There is only this moment

As no dice have been cast


Just the sound of my heartbeat

And the wind through the palms

It is no longer about others

As I recognise my own charms


There’s no judgement in kind

There’s no right and no wrong

Just the sweet sound of contentment

As I sing my own song

Our purpose is this moment

Appearances suggest, it is closed and is sealed

It’s structure distorted, completely piecemealed

Movement restricted, there’s no room to breathe

The mind is immobile, held tight in a sheath


Voices, repetitive, dictate what can be

An absence of others, no lock and no key

Function reduced to a steadfast routine

Buoyant by sugar and shots of caffeine


A never-ending circle, is how life is viewed

The measure of success, is how much you’ve accrued

A knowing, a niggle, that this can’t just be it

Awakening to the truth, beyond all the bullshit


A moment of seeing the scale of the con

We’ve been treated like puppets for way, way too long

A new earth is upon us, it’s here for us all

It’s for us to embrace, it is time to stand tall


Start questioning, start searching to find your own voice

Don’t identify with form; it’s to you to make that choice

Let go of your chatter, it’s a foe, not a friend

Our purpose is this moment, that’s the real godsend