Love is threatening to skip town

Love is threatening to skip town

Thinks we’ve made a real mess

Tired of our hatred and anger

Of our desire to regress


Sick of constantly being heralded

As a bumper sticker on cars

Or as a brand, or a logo

To sell liquor, in bars


Love is feeling disappointed

At the bickering between friends

The incoherence created

By the worshipping of trends


Love requires honest commitment

Never differentiates by type

Doesn’t believe in self-deception

Never falls for its own hype


The Beatles knew what they were saying

In that Love is all you need

Love isn’t interested in money

It has no concept, of greed


Love truly knows no boundaries

Has a heart made of light

Within the cosmos of humanity

Love doesn’t know how to fight


It’s departure would be a tragedy

Love does not want to go

Would prefer us to be connected

Remove our boundaries and grow

Universal Threads

My bad days, are the good days

Of the time that has passed

Without denying my feelings

There’s no emotional fast


Sadness still visits

But no longer makes its bed

Doesn’t take root in my heart

Nor try to squat in my head


The pull of what was

No more dictates the result

Face to face with my fears

It is my choice to exalt


I am learning to trust

That I am where I should be

The outcome released

I love and trust just in me


None of us are separate

We do not stand alone

Connecting to everything

Universal threads being sewn

Where are you?

The sound of the rain

As it falls from the sky

Makes me feel such a sadness

And question the why


I stand in the garden

Getting soaked to the skin

Trying to make sense

Of my feelings within


Where are you in spirit?

Where are you in form?

Do you still feel our connection?

Know we needn’t conform?


I dream of you embracing

My body and soul

Of feeling safe in the knowledge

We make one another whole


Am I naive to even think

That we could go back to the start?

Creating a new equal partnership

Of which we both can impart?


Patience, not my virtue

I know that’s the truth

I want to know what’s the outcome

Trying to be my own sleuth…


So many stories to share

So much water under the bridge

Are you even reading these words?

Whilst out on your ridge?

Your brave and new start

When we lift up the rock

Our minds recoil at the truth

Eyeballing the facts

Without reason, without proof

Who am I?

Who are you?

Do we really want to know?

Without knowing

Without direction

This is how we will grow

There’s no answer

There’s no doing

We must grow tall

And just be

Our fate

Our destination

Is hidden

Not yet seen

Time a mere concept

A manmade construct

Without reference

Without thought

Not an object, or product

Hold onto values

Hold onto your heart

Hold it tight, hold it close

The whispers, they’ll rekindle

Your brave and new start

Nothing left to scrutinise

What am I doing?

Do I not stand tall?

It is me and only me

Responsible for a fall


I trust in my judgement

Grateful for attributes

Washed up emotions

Giving life to my roots


Letting go of everything

I stand naked in pride

Wisdom a knowing

I no longer hide


I am open to change

To be the best I can be

To fulfil my life’s purpose

Releasing beautifully


I bless my body with love

Free it from my mind

Sensuality my bedrock

To my heart I am kind


Trusting my inner voice

I am powerful and wise

I move into alignment

Nothing left to scrutinise