Where are you?

The sound of the rain

As it falls from the sky

Makes me feel such a sadness

And question the why


I stand in the garden

Getting soaked to the skin

Trying to make sense

Of my feelings within


Where are you in spirit?

Where are you in form?

Do you still feel our connection?

Know we needn’t conform?


I dream of you embracing

My body and soul

Of feeling safe in the knowledge

We make one another whole


Am I naive to even think

That we could go back to the start?

Creating a new equal partnership

Of which we both can impart?


Patience, not my virtue

I know that’s the truth

I want to know what’s the outcome

Trying to be my own sleuth…


So many stories to share

So much water under the bridge

Are you even reading these words?

Whilst out on your ridge?

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