Resolve to live life, to its very highest level

This means embracing the good; sidestepping the devil

Do not interfere in what does not concern you

Jealousy of others is the egos real virtue


We all make wrong decisions, from time to time

For them to become a mantle, well that’s the real crime

Humans project, it’s an outdated time-setting

Be grounded and present, only you do the letting


The Universe wants us, to all shine and grow

Observe how it’s others that can make you feel low

With that in your mind and forgiveness in your heart

Let others make their choices, it’s their journey to chart


Of course you feel invested, you’re human, you care

But who are we really to be the judge and compare?

It’s time to view life from a newly evolved state

To trust our intuition; it is never too late


The old adage is true, we say it often without thought

Walk a mile in another’s shoes, before you exhort

Let’s drop all the crap, allow others to just be

Turn our focus on our own lives, be our own hearts trustee

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