Destiny Whispers

And with tomorrow,

a new day will dawn.

The sky will be cleansed

and made whole once more.

Destiny whispers to me,

wiping the slate clean.

The debris of pain washed away,

returning me to source,

standing as one,

in the spotlight of my life.

We’re alike, you and I

We’re alike, you and I

We speak the same diction

Both seeking recourse

From others misaligned fiction


We’re alike, you and I

We sway to the same beat

We inhabit shared space

In our hearts, we’re replete


We’re alike, you and I

We observe old traditions

We see what is missing

Make note of omissions


We’re alike, you and I

We seek the same freedom

To transcend ancient habits

And no longer be lonesome


We’re alike, you and I

We share the same vision

Of how life could be lived

Through intuitive concision


I am ready

For your embrace

My own embrace

Now, far-reaching

And makes whole

The inadequacies

I believed were mine

That indeed belong

To no one

I have no judgement

In kind

That you will be anything

Other than you are

So join me


That we belong

To ourselves

Before we belong

To each other

Suspend old beliefs

Night Sky illustration

The moments in time,

Define us with grace

As the stars hold their position

Within the cosmos of space


Beyond all the dimensions

There’s no concept of thought

Our purpose, to shine brightly

Recalling all that was taught


In wholeness, we are born

Then we start to forget

That we chose to be here

To payback on our debt


With laughter and love

And a connection to the heart

We can suspend old beliefs

And set the ego apart


Let natural orders pervade

And suspend the false doubt

That weighs down your mind

So your true voice can shout


He looked up as she walked

Across the wet grass

Acknowledging her presence

With a loyal gravitas


Gently nuzzling her pockets

As she haltered his head

Excitedly, anticipating

The food he’d be fed


Playfully throwing his head

Trotting next to her heel

Their pure, honest bond

The equine reveal


Without touch, with intent

They whisper their thoughts

A submissive interaction

That releases and supports


Moving together as one

They dance with the rope

Unconsciously connecting

They spiritually elope


With outstretched arms


You stroked my face

as you hugged me

with your woody embrace

standing tall

on your roots

I held you close


Your woody musk

enveloped my skin

breathing life

into my belly

you led the dance

as we swayed with the wind


You translated secrets

of ancient stories

etched into your bark

an encoded history

written into the symmetry

of perfection


Responding to touch

we outstretched our arms

to the sun

the shared meaning

of two life forms

committed to growth