I am ready

For your embrace

My own embrace

Now, far-reaching

And makes whole

The inadequacies

I believed were mine

That indeed belong

To no one

I have no judgement

In kind

That you will be anything

Other than you are

So join me


That we belong

To ourselves

Before we belong

To each other


Girl with a ballon

Skipping through the fields

Of all of her dreams

She ran with abandon

Through the familiar scenes


Wonderful memories

All flooded the plain

Of the moonlit landscape

Of her imagined terrain


Across streams of lucidity

She transcended dimensions

Reaffirming her desires

She aligned her intentions


Accompanied by souls

Of a higher vibration

She healed the wounds

Of a past separation


Limitless possibilities

Permeated her skin

Revealing her purpose

Her true knowing within

Love is threatening to skip town

Love is threatening to skip town

Thinks we’ve made a real mess

Tired of our hatred and anger

Of our desire to regress


Sick of constantly being heralded

As a bumper sticker on cars

Or as a brand, or a logo

To sell liquor, in bars


Love is feeling disappointed

At the bickering between friends

The incoherence created

By the worshipping of trends


Love requires honest commitment

Never differentiates by type

Doesn’t believe in self-deception

Never falls for its own hype


The Beatles knew what they were saying

In that Love is all you need

Love isn’t interested in money

It has no concept, of greed


Love truly knows no boundaries

Has a heart made of light

Within the cosmos of humanity

Love doesn’t know how to fight


It’s departure would be a tragedy

Love does not want to go

Would prefer us to be connected

Remove our boundaries and grow

Feeding emptiness

Come in from the cold,

dark anxiety of your mind.


Feast yourself on a slice

Of escapism pie.


It’s saccharin lightness,

the antidote to unsavoury thoughts

Of what if’s,

mixed with the shoulds and

Yoghurt covered woulds.


Each sweet laden fork,

a bitter reminder,

of your skeletal soul

Obese with inadequacy.


Feeling cheap

And empty of substance.

Time chewed and swallowed.

Your mind tricked,

into feeling full

Second to None

The dis-ease in your mind, is the denial that you’re great

There is greatness within you, whether you hide or exaggerate


It is true, oh so true, despite seeing it, or not

Release un-wanted conditions, do not let your mind rot


It is true whether you’re focused, on your growth to the stars

It is true whether you’re trapped, behind your own prison bars


You, with hard luck stories, filling megabytes of space!

Deny all you want to, you’re in a self-created chase


Affirm your desire, what you focus on, you create

You are never in the wrong place and it’s never too late


Find your own starting point; be cool with where you’re at

Beliefs change all the time, often depending on where you’re sat


You are really okay.  Yes.  You are allowed to believe

Your desire to be magnificent; it’s the ace up your sleeve


Show more interest in where you’re going, than where you have been

Be mindful of your intentions, as you affirm all you dream


You create your own life, by the thoughts that you practice

There’ll always be influences, don’t be preoccupied with injustice


You choose the tone of your questioning,  so are you asking the right one?

Believe in your magnificence without measurement, you are second to none!