We all have

an incessant need

to feed;

to fill the void

with scraps… leftovers…

half hearted thoughts…

witty retorts,

left suspended.

Gorging on words,

choked of all meaning,

lubricating intent

with watered down small talk.

Self-aware exclosure

heart wrenching exposure,

of telling it

like it is.

A muted hiss

that leads you


Biting into the apple,

exposing your humanity,

your veiled insanity

that everyday chitchat

attempts to hide.

Layer upon layer

of well sculpted ideas,

visible through the tears

of a truth

you cannot speak.

Who deems that you’re worth more?


Do you really believe they chose this?

That this was their great goal?

Have you considered what events

Removed them all, from life’s payroll?


Belongings, spilling onto pavements

With only two senses you observe

Then walk past full of judgement

With your assumptions, you dis-serve


Circumstance, their badge of existence

Their lonely truth; societies disdain

Acknowledgement, a powerful present

A true antidote, to their pain


As trapped by others’ opinions

As by the doorway, where they sit

So why not take a moment

To make this part of your remit?


You don’t want to give your money?

Who deems that you’re worth more?

Than the soul, that you see sitting

On their cardboard covered floor


If you want to live your purpose

A conscious member of this race

Then give a warm drink and a sandwich

And make this action commonplace

Love is threatening to skip town

Love is threatening to skip town

Thinks we’ve made a real mess

Tired of our hatred and anger

Of our desire to regress


Sick of constantly being heralded

As a bumper sticker on cars

Or as a brand, or a logo

To sell liquor, in bars


Love is feeling disappointed

At the bickering between friends

The incoherence created

By the worshipping of trends


Love requires honest commitment

Never differentiates by type

Doesn’t believe in self-deception

Never falls for its own hype


The Beatles knew what they were saying

In that Love is all you need

Love isn’t interested in money

It has no concept, of greed


Love truly knows no boundaries

Has a heart made of light

Within the cosmos of humanity

Love doesn’t know how to fight


It’s departure would be a tragedy

Love does not want to go

Would prefer us to be connected

Remove our boundaries and grow