Just let life unfold

Life is not busy, only thoughts make it so

We individually choose, what can flourish and grow

Sit quietly with your mind, resist any projection

Too much thinking leads only to unsafe introspection


Feel love in your heart; allow it to be a feeling

It is only ourselves, who create our own ceiling

Live generously of spirit, we are all one and the same

The energy that flows through you, is for everyone’s gain


Happiness is not dependant, on just man-made things

Accumulation of possessions, won’t give your bow any strings

Spend time with your loved ones, sharing moments in full

Know that honesty and integrity, are most powerful of all


Mankind often confuses what’s right and what’s wrong

Don’t make gossip and drama your own unique song

Be generous, acknowledge, other beings you might meet

Catch the eye and smile, at those you pass on the street


We are equally responsible, not one person’s worth more

The Universe unravels, look at everything in awe

Everyone’s story, has a right to be told

Do not judge or control; just let life unfold

When it is

When it is raining, do not let your heart cry

When it is cloudy, do not let thoughts clog up your mind

When it is windy, remain grounded

When it is sunny, do not let your ego blind you

When it is snowing, do not believe you are purer than others

When it is nightfall, do not let darkness fill your soul

When it is daybreak, do not carry yesterday’s worries


My African friend, she shows me much strength

Although she’s just four, she’s on my wavelength

Her Mother, she died, so suddenly last year

Yet she’s always smiling, from ear to ear


To have such purpose, from such a young age

It heals my heart, while I turn my own page

She shines so brightly and holds life so dear

She shows me in life, that there’s nothing to fear


There’s much we can learn, from our own inner child

It teaches us not be meek, or be mild

Her purse it is poor, but her life is so full

She’s won me over; shown me how to stand tall


So much time looking back, trying to fathom a reason

When instead we should be living, just season to season

The power of innocence, is so shiny and pure

It can heal your soul and your spirit it can cure


Her beauty shines through, her ever-present eyes

Showing me that love, is something, you cannot disguise

She’s honest, she’s genuine, she’s herself at her core

She’s an Angel in life, whom I love and adore


Does anyone know how to make true love stay?

How to anchor it down, so it won’t drift away?

How can vows that were made, become meaningless words?

How can the promises behind them, now feel so absurd?


How do you rebuild a life, when the goal posts are moved?

When the love of your life takes leave; is removed?

How can shutters be closed without care, without thought?

A long history rewritten; in a new life you stand court


Feeling lost, cast adrift, in a strange distant land

In my dreams you’re still with me, still holding my hand

How do I accept a decision, that is really not mine?

Reconcile my heart, now I’m on the sideline?


How do I deal with the sadness, when the tears just won’t dry?

How can I feel joy in my soul, as I cry and I cry?

How do I learn how to trust and live life without care?

How do I know I’ll be happy, when all I feel is despair?


How can I feel safe again, when you’ve taken your leave?

How long will this pain last, for how long must I grieve?

Am I a fool trying to fathom, the reason you went?

Weren’t we there for each other, wasn’t that our intent?


Eyes continually searching, I check every face

Looking for features my heart can’t erase

Nightly I dream of his touch and his smell

The soft feel of his fragrance, that I know so well


Belief doesn’t do justice to all I held true

Our worlds interwoven with our own unique hue

I held a space in my heart, holding my ego at bay

Took that leap of faith, ignoring what may…


I am growing as well, I am filling my shoes

I want to live my life, like there’s nothing to lose

I know I can do this, I again can be strong

It just feels so strange him not being along


I long to reconnect with my essence and my heart

To trust and believe I can make a new start

I know this is true, I know I am held

That my journey through life is unparalleled


I love him, I long for him, I must wish him farewell

Whether our paths cross again, well no one can tell

So I look down, taking the hand of the eight year old me

Knowing that I, and only I, can be the best I can be

The blueprints of life

I’ve seen the blueprints, I’ve seen the plan

The permutations of could, can’t and can

Life’s come and grabbed me by the hand

Presence showing me I’m everything but bland


My courage unveiled, I know I am strong

The Universe holds me, when my path is wrong

I recognise my judgements, they all come from me

From times when my heart and mind disagree


I believe in all that I am, life isn’t a thought

I know what I know; the lessons have been taught

Letting go of old concepts, that no longer serve

Living the life my ego says I don’t deserve


There’s no need for control; there never ever was

I followed like a lemming; society saying because

My concept of perfect now turned on its head

By unlocking my child, I am no longer dead


I cannot be held by projections or fear

Or feel an obligation to those I hold dear

I’m a wondrous woman; I’m all my own work

To not live life wondrously, well I’d be a real berk