Limiting Beliefs

Did you thank them?

Yes, I thanked them

For having me over for tea

I was polite and well-mannered

Are you now proud of me?


Did you ask me?

No, sorry, I didn’t

Have I now let you down?

Tell me, how should I emote?

So I can unfurl your frown


What have you done?

I don’t know?

I don’t know how I should grow

If I step outside of your box

How was I meant to know?


Mind your manners!

But I had a question

Didn’t mean to overbear

My personality remoulded

Difficult to breathe my own air


You’re not wearing that!

Why, because I stand out

In the wrong way?

Who is it, you think

I should be today?

I intend to live out my purpose, being happily grandiose

The book bound by sadness, is reaching its end

It’s a one-off edition, no sequels to be penned

Held safe, spine to spine, it has really been my mate

It has taught me it’s wise, not to know my own fate


There are many, many chapters, all charting the course

Of a heart-broken woman, getting back on her horse

Tear stained pages, still hold their print well

And on reading them back, I am eased from my shell


My repetitive mantras, all laced with emotion

Held me responsible to myself and have set me in motion

I turned, facing my fear and caught my own eye

Recognising limitations, were what made me shy


Allowance. Allowing. We are designed to be our best

By letting go of control and letting life do the rest

It’s okay not to know, it’s okay to have joy

It’s fantastic knowing I’m everything but the boy


The final pages of resolution, all fill up with light

The potential and possibilities, revealed in plain sight

It is now and forever, the door is open and won’t close

I intend to live out my purpose, being happily grandiose

I know I’m everything and more

The shove came from nowhere

Not a person in sight

Propelled into the present

I have reached my full height


My knowing, it became thinking

And I filled up my shoes

Recognising my potential

No longer scared, win or lose


It’s impossible to plan the future

To be able to map what will be

By looking ahead and not living

You’re surely lacking unity


Now I’m guided by the waist

The Universe offering me its hand

I’m reassured by its presence

No longer wanting to withstand


I’m not going back to sleep

Buoyed up by possibilities in store

It’s going to be more than alright

I know I’m everything and more

Questioning’s a byword

Questioning’s a byword

For challenging the norm

If you’re not pointing your toes

You’re not showing true form


Unbalance causing chaos

Between your heart, mind and soul

Your connection to the moment

Becoming a far, far off goal


Get in touch with emotions

Know from deep, deep inside

That you are one with your body

It’s up to you to decide


That enough is enough

It is time to be strong

You know just what to do

Do not fear being wrong


Summon up the courage

To light up the dark

Go get out your pen

And start making your mark


Scribble away freely

Take as long as you need

Fill up with golden light

Until your soul has been freed

Nothing left to scrutinise

What am I doing?

Do I not stand tall?

It is me and only me

Responsible for a fall


I trust in my judgement

Grateful for attributes

Washed up emotions

Giving life to my roots


Letting go of everything

I stand naked in pride

Wisdom a knowing

I no longer hide


I am open to change

To be the best I can be

To fulfil my life’s purpose

Releasing beautifully


I bless my body with love

Free it from my mind

Sensuality my bedrock

To my heart I am kind


Trusting my inner voice

I am powerful and wise

I move into alignment

Nothing left to scrutinise

The pull of what was

The pull of what was

recoils overnight

Tightening my heart

giving, tears, gravity

Sadness inadequate

disappointment running dry


Mindful knowing

bedded into the now

Differences, evident

known to us both

Too close to our truths

our souls, couldn’t breathe


Words, still, missing

perhaps lost in action

Smatterings of what ifs

still greeting my days

Sharing, sharing, sharing

memories of times past


Our guides knowing

the secrets hidden in view

Movement, impossible

tethered to the past

A straight jacket

of limiting beliefs


I loved you

honestly and painfully

Disloyal to my heart

my lesson to be learnt

Forgiveness, now

the chapter I am writing