Limiting Beliefs

Did you thank them?

Yes, I thanked them

For having me over for tea

I was polite and well-mannered

Are you now proud of me?


Did you ask me?

No, sorry, I didn’t

Have I now let you down?

Tell me, how should I emote?

So I can unfurl your frown


What have you done?

I don’t know?

I don’t know how I should grow

If I step outside of your box

How was I meant to know?


Mind your manners!

But I had a question

Didn’t mean to overbear

My personality remoulded

Difficult to breathe my own air


You’re not wearing that!

Why, because I stand out

In the wrong way?

Who is it, you think

I should be today?

It’s your hand on the door

Keeping to the path

So many involved

Pushing and pulling

Many issues unresolved


True nature; true purpose

Recorded, not filed

Consciousness the reason

No numbers are dialed


Allow life to unfold

Control is a has-been

Presence is this moment

In full view, yet unseen


Don’t long for approval

Accept that you belong

Step out of delusional fear

Know you can’t go wrong


Trust your autonomy

Have integrity in your core

Be honest with yourself

It’s your hand on the door