In the space between spaces

In the space between spaces

My love fills the void

And my silent learnings

Make me whole

As I stand

Back to back with

My differences fusing

And healing

My forgotten pain


In the space between spaces

I remember

My soulful pact

He whispers…

Brushing my cheek

Gently moving my hair

He whispers…


Words that we shared

Of all that could be

He whispers…


Stroking my back

Down the length of my spine

He whispers…


Drawing me close

Into the depths of his heart

He whispers…


Reminding me of a time

When the earth did stand still

He whispers…


Memories of deep love

Of our pact made as souls

He whispers…

What was?

What was the pact?

Our soulful tie

That brought us both together?


What was the reason?

Our paths converged

If no permanence in forever?


What was the lesson?

The learnings revealed

That required so much pain?


What was the glue?

The cement that set

That cracked when under strain?


What was the purpose?

The divine intent

Of sharing what we shared?


What was the bond?

That couldn’t hold

The views we never aired?


What was the moment?

The shifting gear

That set this course in action?


What was the cause?

The single act

That ceased all further traction?

You are the you, within you

Take a look around the corner

At the signpost of fear

Remove the pole from the earth

Raise your arms, scream a cheer


Allow the flow of possibility

To be your own crew

Engage your spirit into your body

You are the you, within you


The mathematics of living

Just divides up the whole

Perpetuating inner conflict

Removes the present, from the soul


We’re not heading for oblivion

No, not on my watch!

The world is not for our convenience

So who are we, to botch?


By creating our own problems

Ensuing madness results

And we keep blaming it on others

Only ourselves, we insult…


So stop acting out of impulse

Intuitions really rocks!

The thinking thought is the culprit

It is the hole, in our sock


Let’s let language be collective

Let our word be our wand

It is our blessing and our lesson

Our life’s, karmic bond


With collectively shared meaning

We will go with the flow

So deem to live your life fearlessly

On your marks. Get set. Go!

What a Fantastic Iydea!

This is a poem written about the most wonderful, award-winning, no frills vegetarian cafeteria in Brighton.

Situated on Kensington GardensNorth Laine


Lovingly prepared food

What a fantastic Iydea!

A true culinary delight

That deserves a big cheer


The big, breakfast plate

Is a vegetarian dream

Filling the emptiest of tummies

Splitting a tight-fitting seam


If you’re feeling adventurous

Like tastes out of the box

Then the poached egg combinations

Will completely fill your socks


If toast is the foundation

The bedrock of your snack

Their combination of toppings

Mean you’ll keep coming back


If simplicity is your style

They do wonders with fruit

Adding yoghurt and granola

Compote and syrup to boot


Now that’s just for starters

The clock’s not hit twelve

When the hunger pangs return

An appetite you can’t shelve


The lunchtime selection

Home cooked goodness galore

A vast selection of flavours

That guarantee you’ll want more


Salads of all varieties

All seasonal and fresh

And roasted root veggies

Topped with seeds and crème fraiche


Fruity cous-cous filled aubergine

With a beet, chilli slaw

Enchiladas and curries

Hang on, there is more!


There are freshly made juices

Fruit pulped, squashed and poured

To cleanse and invigorate

Your taste buds will applaud


If you’re not into savoury

And you’ve got a small gap

Their home-made cakes and slices

Are a sweet coated slap


Eating in or take away

Your soul and mind will be fed

The whole experience delightful

A Brighton gem to be spread

Nothing left to scrutinise

What am I doing?

Do I not stand tall?

It is me and only me

Responsible for a fall


I trust in my judgement

Grateful for attributes

Washed up emotions

Giving life to my roots


Letting go of everything

I stand naked in pride

Wisdom a knowing

I no longer hide


I am open to change

To be the best I can be

To fulfil my life’s purpose

Releasing beautifully


I bless my body with love

Free it from my mind

Sensuality my bedrock

To my heart I am kind


Trusting my inner voice

I am powerful and wise

I move into alignment

Nothing left to scrutinise