The Whole Shebang

I caught a glimpse


of what could be;

the potential of

the whole shebang.

Another kindred spirit


lost too in a familiar life.

Shared dreams, aspirations,


by circumstance,

united by certainty,

by the belief

that there is so much more…



to us both.

Continually searching,


purely by thought.

Universal Threads

My bad days, are the good days

Of the time that has passed

Without denying my feelings

There’s no emotional fast


Sadness still visits

But no longer makes its bed

Doesn’t take root in my heart

Nor try to squat in my head


The pull of what was

No more dictates the result

Face to face with my fears

It is my choice to exalt


I am learning to trust

That I am where I should be

The outcome released

I love and trust just in me


None of us are separate

We do not stand alone

Connecting to everything

Universal threads being sewn