Love always holds you, it will never hinder you

Love will always make you shine

Love will always carve a path for you

Love is your greatest friend; your most beloved

Love will always ensure you are following your true path

Love will be your beacon of light; ensure you shine brightly

Love trusts the process, it conspires with your soul

Love co-creates all of your dreams

Love grows with your imagination

Love wants what’s best for you; always

Love clears the way; it knows of no obstacles

Love requires no deposit

Love is the true certainty of your life

Love supports, embraces and ensures success


Freewill is the choice; the choice to live with fear in your heart, or with love in your heart. The latter will always protect you; hold you safe and uncover for you where you should be and what you need to do to fulfill your life purpose. All fear seeks to do, is pull the rug out from under your feet.

Self Respect

I stand in the crowd, observing their faces

And I feel their fear, their perceived, covered bases

Society dictates, that we all toe the line

And woe and behold those, who deem to decline

It takes courage and guile, to carve your own path

When projections and opinions, can litter your hearth

Yet our purpose in life, is to discern our own way

To gain self-perception, to not let your thoughts stray

To know that there are, hard lessons to learn

It is our own self-respect, that we all have to earn

So suspend what you think, what you think you should do

In this way, to your heart and self, you’ll be true

Suspend old beliefs

Night Sky illustration

The moments in time,

Define us with grace

As the stars hold their position

Within the cosmos of space


Beyond all the dimensions

There’s no concept of thought

Our purpose, to shine brightly

Recalling all that was taught


In wholeness, we are born

Then we start to forget

That we chose to be here

To payback on our debt


With laughter and love

And a connection to the heart

We can suspend old beliefs

And set the ego apart


Let natural orders pervade

And suspend the false doubt

That weighs down your mind

So your true voice can shout

The unevolved individual

Words fall to earth,

Weighted by the gravity

Of their intent


Ricocheting off the opinions

Of the observer,

The unevolved individual

Who deems himself worthy

Of adding his own content


Moulding the message

To serve his own meaning,

Creating a new translation,

Now just an echo

Of the truth


His heart screaming

At his spirit to stop

Muting its purpose,

Of ignoring

The lessons

Being taught